One Year at the Advance

I can't believe it's already been one year since I've been working at the Staten Island Advance/ It has been such a great experience.

 Here are 12 of my favorite stories I've worked on over the past year (one for each month):

1. A personal project that I've wanted to pursue for a long time:

2. The most fun I have ever had covering an event:

3. That time I got obsessed with a vacant prison and needed to know more:

4. The closest I've ever been to a bald eagle and the nicest woman I've ever met:

5. That time I was sent to do a profile on a high school football player, and uncovered a different narrative (and then it was nominated for an Emmy):

6. The weirdest story I've ever worked on:

7. When my manager said "so apparently there's this guy that has a lot of hair in his garage...":

8. When I filmed a dirty beach & Erik wrote an awesome story and then Senator Schumer actually did something about it:

9. The silliest story I've ever worked on:

10. One of my favorite team assignments:

11. The first time I made an on-camera appearance... and had to throw hatchets:

12. And ending on my favorite place I've gotten to explore - the bell tower (and this adorable father-son moment):

Thanks for a great year,!